Which Scents Keeps Bed Bugs Away?

Remember that bedbugs are difficult to keep away from your home. These pests want to suck your blood so they’re going to invade rain, sleet, or snow. You’ve likely heard that certain pests can be kept away by using specific scents. Ultimately, this works exceptionally well for some bugs. How about bedbugs? Can you use certain scents to keep bedbugs away from your home? It works for some, but it might not be incredibly effective against bedbugs. The problem is the fact that bedbugs are more adamant about sneaking into your home.

There is one scent that works, but there is a catch. Although it can help, it doesn’t work great for all bedbugs. The baby bedbug releases a specific scent to keep male bedbugs away. Again, there is a catch. While it works for male bedbugs, it doesn’t work for female bedbugs. The United States Department of Agriculture recently studied whether essential oils could eliminate bedbugs. The products were effective but not as effective as they could’ve been.

It was better for consumers to use high-quality professional services. Nevertheless, some essential oils were more effective than others. The most effective oils were blood orange oil, silicone oil, spearmint oil, and paraffin oil.