Steam Treatment

We’ve started offering steam treatments to our clients because they’re safe and reliable. When used correctly, steam will prove to be a wise way to eliminate bedbugs in any dwelling. The method works exceptionally well for eradicating bedbugs and bedbug eggs. Despite being convenient and affordable, our steam treatments will remedy the problem during than you could ever imagine. The steam heat kills bedbugs on contact.

Our steam treatments are effective for eliminating bedbugs in a home or commercial establishment. The method works by killing bedbugs on contact. There is no residue, so the method is clean and convenient. Although the method is reliable, it is not as reliable as our bedbug heat treatments.

Eliminating Bedbugs & Eggs With Steam

Our bedbug steam treatment relies solely on steam heat. It should be applied to areas where bedbugs have been seen hiding. Steam is great for wiping out infestations of bedbugs. The method effectively kills bedbugs on contact. Our bedbug steamers can conveniently be used to eliminate bedbugs near furniture, electrical outlets, and other delicate items.


You’ll likely want to protect the people you love. We understand this wholeheartedly and want to do everything we can to help. As a result, we offer eco-friendly bedbug treatments. Our steam methods are safe for everyone and the environment. Steam is an eco-friendly option so you can use it knowing you’re not harming the environment. Some consumers may consider renting a steamer on their own but doing so is not a good idea. Unless you know where the bugs are hiding, you won’t have success with this method.

Instead, you should pick up the phone and call a professional exterminator. A professional has done it before, so they’ll get it done once again. Call our San Antonio TX office so we can begin working hard to help you deal with this problem.

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Steam Machine