Box Elder Bugs

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If you’ve ever encountered a box elder bug, you probably knew you were looking at something truly great. With their flat wings and distinctive red markings, these insects look like a mask or hieroglyph from an ancient order. As interesting as they are to admire, you do not want these potentially problematic pests around your property. While they only grow to a full ½-inch in size, they can cause immense troubles. These insects are commonly found in areas where there is quick and easy access to Ash, Maple, Cherry, and Box Elder trees.

Why Are Box Elder Bugs In My Home?

While these insects are attracted to warm, sheltered areas, it is the food that will draw them to your property. If they are in or around your home, it’s because there is a nearby food source. Eliminating this could eliminate your problem in its entirety. These insects lay eggs near their food sources, on the branches, trunks, and leaves.

In addition to this, this specific insect is considered an overwintering insect. This virtually means they are a hibernator. During the late summers, they’ll start to make their way inside your property, seeking shelter from the upcoming cold. They’ll likely make their way in through tiny cracks and crevices in the foundation but can also access the home in a variety of other ways. These box elder bugs will normally take up residence inside the wall voids of the walls facing toward the sun. When the warmer weather starts to return, these bugs will emerge from their hiding spots and venture back outside. At least, they’ll try to. Some might get turned around along the way.

How To Eliminate Box Elder Bugs From The Property

All this information is no doubt interesting, but most people are only concerned with removing this pest from the property. And as non-threatening as this pest appears, this is something you want to do at first sighting. Because of their ability to burrow into wall voids, these decorative little bugs can be difficult to eliminate. The process might even require cutting into the wall. Either way, this is a job we are more than willing and capable of tackling.

Our highly trained experts have been dealing with these and similar insects since we opened our doors years ago. In addition to eliminating these pesky pests from your property, we’ll provide you with what you need to keep them away from the property in the future. Whether you have questions, need a quote, or need emergency assistance, feel free to give our local office a call. We’ll get a trained pro out to your property as soon as possible, which should be within 24 hours.

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