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As a resident of San Antonio, a Texas city with over 1.5 million people (2019), it is important to always be on the lookout for pests. These unruly critters can be found just about anywhere in San Antonio. While you may be under the impression, your home is 100 percent pest-free, it is not humanly possible. Yes, pests – insects and rodents – are hiding in every nook and cranny of the city. Just the mere mention of these creepy crawlers, some San Antonians are ready to jump ship, not literally.

Most species of insects and rodents are good and bad. Some residents believe pests have more bad qualities than good qualities. According to the thousands of research studies conducted by some of the most renowned scientists and entomologists, most insect and rodent species are helpful to the environment. All the while, the pests are plaguing San Antonio residents and businesses.

What Is Eco-Friendly Pest Treatment?

Eco-friendly pest treatment does not rely on chemical pesticides to achieve full eradication of an infestation. Instead, it utilizes pest control techniques and methods that do not pose environmental risks. Our professional eco-friendly pest treatments include:

It is not unusual for our pest control experts to combine one or two of the above treatments. A combinational eco-friendly treatment, such as thermal heat and adhesive traps, is guaranteed to deliver maximum extermination. In addition to maximum extermination of a pest infestation, a combinational eco-friendly treatment delivers full eradication in the shortest duration.

Is Professional Eco-Friendly Pest Treatment Expensive?

When the treatment is based on evidence collected through an extensive home inspection, it can be more affordable than conventional treatment. When you consider, custom eco-friendly treatment reduces or eliminates waste, it is possible for consumers to save money.

If you are and most people are overly concerned about cost, you should take advantage of our free home pest inspection. Our pest inspection specifically targets all high-risk areas, which vary depending on the culprit. For example, the cockroach species are more commonly found in kitchens and dining rooms than any other area of the home. The bed bug, on the other hand, infests bedrooms, not kitchens or dining rooms.

Developing An Eco-Friendly Pest Treatment Strategy

As previously mentioned, our pest control team collects evidence during the initial inspection. This evidence is then applied to determining if the property is truly infested with pests. If it is determined, the property is infested, the evidence is then utilized to determine the severity of the infestation. With this data in hand, the lead exterminator will then begin to work on a treatment strategy.

Depending on the severity of the pest infestation, the exterminator may decide to utilize an eco-friendly combinational treatment. While this is not always necessary, it can help consumers save money in the long run. How is this possible? It is possible by reducing the number of extermination visits to your home.

Does Eco-Friendly Treatment Work?

There are several factors that determine the effectiveness of eco-friendly pest treatment. How the treatment is implemented is just one example. The length of the treatment is another factor that determines effectiveness. Our San Antonio exterminators are fully trained to administer eco-friendly steam, cryonite, and thermal heat treatments.

An infestation of pests requires a more aggressive eco-friendly pest management approach.  The lead exterminator may decide which approach will work best for your case.

How Is Eco-Friendly Pest Treatment Implemented?

The first step of the process is to secure all pest-free areas from potential exposure of the treatment and pests. The goal here is to prevent the pests from spreading to other parts of the property. The next step is to remove vulnerable items from the home to prevent temporary or permanent damage.

To learn more about our eco-friendly pest treatments, do not hesitate to reach out to our San Antonio customer support. While the representative is on the phone, go ahead and schedule an appointment for our free pest inspection.

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