I Found A Few Bed Bugs – Does That Mean I’m Dealing With An Infestation?

Finding a few bedbugs in your home could be a sign of things to come. Initially, it may seem like a small problem, but it could be far worse than you could ever imagine. Therefore, you cannot overlook such a problem. If you do, it could worsen before you know it. Then, it is only a matter of time before your life is turned upside down. As soon as bedbugs have been found in your home, pick up the phone and notify an exterminator.

A professional can help identify the problem much sooner. Once this happens, rectifying the problem will be easier. Call us as soon as you find bedbugs in your home.

Worried About A Few Bedbugs?

You cannot ignore the risks associated with a few bedbugs. It might seem like a small problem, but it will quickly worsen. Bedbugs rarely travel alone. Instead, they travel and reside in large groups. If you’ve found a few bedbugs in your home, there are likely going to be a lot more. Don’t put the problem off until another day because the bugs aren’t going to wait around. Instead, they’ll reproduce, and your problem will grow bigger.

Remember that bedbugs breed prolifically. If you’ve found a female bedbug in your home, she could easily lay 500 eggs. It is difficult to determine the gender so you should take every bedbug sighting seriously. Notify an exterminator and allow them to rectify the problem before it becomes more problematic for you and your loved ones.

Difficulty Of Finding Bedbugs

It is often difficult to find bedbugs in commercial and residential structures. These bugs tend to hide exceptionally well and don’t crawl around when you’re awake. They’ll stay put until you go to sleep at night. They’re not going to come out in the open when you can spot them. Once you’ve gone to sleep, they’ll come out and try to suck your blood. These pests don’t move until the sun goes down or they know you’re sleeping.

Plus, they’re reddish-brown and blend in with their surroundings. The combination makes them difficult to spot. Some bites lead to the development of welts, but others do not. You may live with bedbugs for months without realizing you have an infestation.

Identifying Bedbugs

Suffice to say, it is going to be difficult to spot bedbugs. Once you’ve found them, you need to confirm that it is a bedbug. Unfortunately, this isn’t going to be easy. Bedbugs are small so spotting their defining characteristics can be difficult. Bedbugs are oval and only reach 10mm in length. They have segmented antennas and six legs. Just remember that these bugs look like carpet beetles, fleas, and cockroach nymphs. It is often difficult to tell the difference. Working with an exterminator is the best solution.

How To Determine If You Have Bedbugs

It is pertinent to know how to find bedbugs in your home. What should you look for? How can you be positive that bedbugs are in your home? First, you should check your mattress, covers, and pillowcases for bloodstains. Bedbugs tend to leave red bloodstains so look for them. These pests also leave their exoskeletons in every home they infest. Although the exoskeleton looks like them, it is clear. Other things to look for include eggs, egg casings, feces, and bite marks. In general, bedbug bite marks will appear on the parts of your body that touch the mattress at night.

Finally, take a sniff of your room carefully. If you have a large infestation, your room will have a sweet, musty odor.

Searching A Home For Bedbugs

You’ll need to search your home for bedbugs. Doing so can help you identify the problem much sooner. Therefore, you should start by searching your bedroom. Typically, most bedbugs will hide in the bedrooms in the home. Remember that they primarily hide on the bed. Check the box spring and mattress carefully. Remove the sheets and covers before flipping the mattress. Bedbugs prefer staying here because they want to be close to their favorite food. You’ll also need to check your bed frame, pillows, baseboards, and carpets.

Bedbugs are small so it can be difficult to find out where they’re hiding in your home. They’re easier to spot when you’re dealing with a larger infestation. If they’re easily visible, the infestation has severely worsened. Don’t delay contacting an exterminator. If you don’t deal with it promptly, the problem will continue to spiral out of control.

Hiring A Qualified Exterminator

Are you convinced that bedbugs are hiding in your home? If so, you should begin tackling the problem immediately. Grabs your sheets, clothes, covers, and pillowcases. Throw these items in your dryer before turning the dryer on the hottest setting. Once you’ve done this, let your items dry for 15 minutes or longer. Although this will eliminate the bugs on your sheets and covers, more bedbugs could be living in your home. Address this problem by teaming up with a qualified exterminator in your area.

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FAQs About Bedbugs

Is There One Bedbug In My Home?

Some homes only have one bedbug, but this isn’t likely. There are probably more. It is always best to accept the fact that there are more bedbugs in your home. Pick up the phone and call an exterminator as swiftly as possible.

What Should I Do After Finding A Bedbug In My Home?

Now that you’ve found a bedbug in your home, it is time to call an exterminator. Delaying will only allow the problem to worsen.

How Many Bedbugs Are Needed For An Infestation?

A bedbug infestation could include any number of bedbugs. It might have hundreds or thousands.