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It doesn’t take a professional exterminator to know that ants can be a major problem. From the Formicidae family, the ant is a social insect that will get in your pantry, wreak havoc all over the home, and some will even cause structural damage. While these creepy crawlers are easily identifiable with this distinctive body structure and elbowed antennae, there are over 14,000 known species. Therefore, identifying which specific order you are dealing with can be quite the hassle.

And it does make a difference. Knowing which specific species, you are dealing with could play a major role in your elimination efforts. Regardless, it is best to educate yourself to the fullest regarding this invader. At the very least, you’ll be a much more informed property owner.

Why Are Ants On My Property?

The best place to start is by understanding why these crawlers are on your property. This will also go a long way towards your elimination goals. The first thing you probably already know is that the ant is an extremely small insect. This affords them the ability to easily squeeze through cracks and crevices. Since most of the species like to construct their colonies underground beneath the surface, they can easily find weaknesses and vulnerabilities in the home’s foundation.

Cracks, crevices, vents, or any exterior opening could be a major vulnerability. The best way to find out how this problematic, yet pragmatic pest is getting into the home is by simply following their trail. They aren’t very witty when it comes to remaining undetected and you can use this to your advantage. That being said, ants are inside your home because they are looking for food. It just takes one scout ant finding a single scrap of food to attract the entire colony to your property. Therefore, these unwanted invaders will likely be found near the pantry or kitchen.

Ants Are Considered Helpful

There is simply no denying that the ant is one of the biggest nuisance insects there is. Despite this, they are also an incredibly handy insect to have around. One of the biggest reasons for this is because they aerate the soil. Because they build their nests underground, it helps make the soil potent and rich for plants. In addition to this, they will feed on about anything they can get their powerful mandibles on, including seeds. However, when they feed on seeds, they usually only end up eating half. This leaves the rest of the seed to mature into a plant.

Ants not only prey on other insects, but they eat decaying plant matter. This activity make them one of nature’s greatest cleaning devices.

Sugar Is Their Biggest Attractor

While the ant will eat about anything from vegetables to decaying plant matter, and other insects, it is sugar they are the most drawn to. This is because sugar is a huge source of energy. Much like that of the human, the ant requires a tremendous amount of energy to function properly. Sugar can be digested into energy that can be used to keep the rest of the colony going. That’s their main goal, to keep the colony going. Our main goal is to help you eliminate it. And we have a variety of ways to do just that effectively. All you have to do is give our office a call and we’ll be more than glad to get someone on the property.

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