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Professional Stinkbug Pest Control San Antonio TX

The Brown Marmorated Stink Bug (BMSB) is better known as just the “stinkbug”. The insect species generally begins to make its presence in San Antonio in late fall. This is when the stinkbug begins preparing to enter the deep sleep of overwintering. Like hibernation, overwintering allows insects to rest throughout the winter season. For nearly 5 months, the stinkbug remains in a deep sleep, surviving on minimal nutrients derived from stored fats.

Like most overwintering pest species, the stinkbug does not like to spend overwintering outdoors. As winter just happens to be the harshest season for insects, stinkbugs try to avoid it all costs. If this means attempting home infiltration after home infiltration, the stinkbug will comply. Some stinkbugs will achieve successful home infiltration on the first attempt. Unfortunately, this cannot be said about all stinkbugs.

Why Is My San Antonio Home Surrounded By Stinkbugs?

Stinkbugs are patient insects. They will wait for the perfect opportunity to infiltrate your property. The insects surrounding your home are waiting for their opportunity to score a warm, safe, dark, and discrete hiding place.

Stinkbugs infiltrate buildings via small openings in damaged structural components. Cracked siding, missing attic and crawlspace vents, poorly sealed garage doors, damaged thresholds, and unsealed window and door frames. It only takes a small exterior-to-interior opening, no larger than 17 millimeters to give the stinkbug access into your home.

Do Stinkbugs Transmit Disease To Humans?

While the stinkbug is harmless, it is anything but freshly scented. In fact, the insect has earned its classification time and time again. The overwintering pest secretes a pyridine substance that will take your break away, not in a good way. The pyridine secretion is described by witnesses as being “foul”. The description could be anything from a “burning tire”, “skunk”, “sulfur”, “ammonia”, and “rotten eggs”. Whatever the case may be, your olfactory senses will not think kindly of the stinkbug secretion.

Stinkbugs utilize pyridine secretion as a deterrent for predatory animals and insects. Another downside to pyridine secretion is consists of staining agents. Every time the insect comes under attack, feels threatened, or is injured, it will release its pyridine secretion. The mess left behind by these pests can be quite shocking

What Is The Most Effective Stinkbug Management Solution?

A custom treatment, combining industrial-grade insecticides and adhesive traps will do the trick. Our professional stinkbug control begins with a thorough inspection of the impacted property. A certified pest control expert inspects the property, gathering evidence that will later be applied to custom treatment.

Do Over-The-Counter Pesticides Work For Stinkbugs?

These low potency pest control products are effective in killing a few stinkbugs, not a cluster of stinkbugs. Over-the-counter or do-it-yourself pest control is rarely effective for pest infestation. If this is your only option, we recommend putting it to the test. Otherwise, you can take advantage of our professional pest control, which is guaranteed 100 percent effective.

When Will The Home Inspection Take Place?

This depends on your schedule. We never set a date and time for a home inspection without authorization from the client. We need between 24 and 48 hours to process your stinkbug inspection request. A customer support representative will contact you to set up an appointment for the home inspection. We highly suggest a date and time that will not interfere with your daily schedule.

Does Industrial-Strength Pesticide Pose Environmental Dangers?

Not when it is implemented properly. Our exterminators and pest control technicians are fully trained to implement conventional (chemical-based) and eco-friendly pesticide treatments. You will be required to vacate the home in advance of each treatment. This is a safety effort to protect our clients from unnecessary chemical pesticide exposure.

How To Prevent Future Stinkbug Infestation?

Seal all access points into your home, utilizing a waterproof sealant – silicone or caulk. For larger openings utilize a metal screen or stainless-steel pot scrubber, followed by caulk. Educate other household members about stinkbug infestation and prevention.

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