Cryonite Freezing Treatment

Non-toxic treatment for removing pesticide-resistant bed bugs in all life stages by rapid freezing.

Professional Cryonite Bed Bug Treatment

Bed bugs appear to be harmless insects until you are left dealing with an infestation. In some situations, these parasitic insects cannot survive more than a few months without feeding. This is where aggression comes into play. Like the wasp, carpenter bee, ant, cluster fly, bald-faced hornet, and yellowjacket, the bed bug is highly known for being aggressive. This is especially true when dealing with a hungry bed bug.

A bed bug bite does not seem like a big deal, right? Well, it can be a big deal in people who are allergic to bed bug bites. The allergic reaction is not actually related to the bite itself, but the saliva. The bed bug secretes protein-based saliva. The main purpose of the saliva is to numb the victim’s skin to avoid detection during feedings.

What Is Bed Bug Cryonite Treatment?

The key to avoiding a bite is to keep your home bed bug-free. While this is not always necessary, it is still If you think one bed bug is risky, you should have to deal with a colony of bedbugs. When there is only one human or animal host for a colony of bed bugs, you can only imagine what will become of your poor skin. Bed bugs feed at least once a week. When you consider a colony could have dozens, hundreds, or thousands of bed bugs.

Cryonite is a state-of-the-art bed bug treatment that utilizes frozen carbon dioxide to exterminate full colonies of bed bugs. Carbon dioxide is available in liquid form. When the carbon dioxide liquid is converted into solid form, it becomes known as “dry ice.”

How Does Bed Bug Cryonite Treatment Work?

Our extermination company utilizes cutting-edge technology to create cryonite. Liquid carbon dioxide is converted into a frozen, dry formula when the temperature drops to negative 109.3 degrees Fahrenheit.

Cryonite treatment is highly recommended for all properties – residential, industrial, governmental, and commercial. It is 100 percent safe when implemented per the manufacturer’s recommendations. Since the treatment is dealing with extremely cold temperatures, it is crucial to protect your most prized possessions from potential exposure. Heirlooms, art, electronics, home décor, furniture, drapery, and other items vulnerable to cold temperatures must be removed from the impacted home prior to each treatment.

Is Cryonite Bed Bug Treatment Effective?

Yes, when implemented by a licensed pest control technician or exterminator, cryonite is effective. We highly recommend cryonite for mild to severe pest infestation in homes, businesses, government establishments, and public venues. There is no doubt, cryonite can eradicate bed bugs, hiding deep inside the tiniest crevice.

Frozen cyronite can permeate various materials, including wood, thin metal, plastic, and fabric. This is why cryonite is one of the most effective bed bug extermination tools.

Is Cryonite Bed Bug Treatment Cost-Efficient?

It can be when combined into a customized bed bug treatment plan. Our professional cryonite treatment is customized, based on evidence collected during the home inspection. The initial cryonite treatment will be implanted within 1 to 7 days of the initial inspection. We customize each pest management treatment to ensure the most effective results. Based on the data collected through the inspection, the lead exterminator will determine how many treatments are necessary to achieve full eradication.

We firmly believe a custom cryonite treatment will offer maximum results in the shortest duration.

Why Hire Our Extermination Team?

Our extermination team is trained in cryonite treatment. These pest control experts are licensed with the State of Texas, with several decades of experience. We utilize cutting-edge technology to generate dry carbon dioxide snow. To learn more about our exterminators, do not hesitate to contact our location.

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Cryonite Freezing Treatment