What To Know About San Antonio TX Tourist Industry

Are you preparing for an upcoming trip to San Antonio, Texas? If so, you are in for a treat. As a city with over 1.5 million people, San Antonio has a lot to offer newcomers, visitors, and locals. There is no doubt, American and international tourists think of vacationing, they often omit San Antonio from their list. This is truly disappointing because the city has one of the extraordinary tourist industries in the United States. Learn more about San Antonio’s tourist destinations and landmarks that are must-sees.

Brackenridge Park

The Brackenridge Park is described by locals as a “getaway” from hectic city life. Not only is the park popular among the locals but also frequent visitors. Some people visit San Antonio just to spend a few hours relaxing, walking along shaded pathways, and playing frisbee with the dog at Brackenridge Park.

The Park features a golf course, miles of trails, sports fields, and a tea garden. Whatever your heart desires, Brackenridge Park is comfortably situated only a short walking distance from other popular destinations.

San Fernando Cathedral

The San Fernando Cathedral is a sight to behold. Described by many locals as majestic and gothic. A group of colonists visiting San Antonio in 1738 believed a cathedral would give the locals a reason to worship. 238 years later, the cathedral still plays host to thousands of worshipers and dozens of weddings each year.

Sea World San Antonio

Although it has developed a bad reputation, SeaWorld is still fun for every member of the family. If you’re interested in getting up close to some magnificent creatures, you should take your family to this aquatic theme park. Besides offering aquatic shows, it also has several rides. The Park spans over 250 acres making it one of the biggest attractions in the area. Whether you’re looking for an adrenaline thrill or want to learn more about orcas, visit SeaWorld.

Natural Bridge Caverns

The world is home to many amazing sights. It is hard to beat the Natural Bridge Caverns in San Antonio. The facility is the largest known commercial cavern in Texas. The name is based on the 60-foot limestone slab bridge that you’ll cross. The interior of the cave is always around 70 degrees. Even when it is hot outside, you can cool off by visiting the Natural Bridge Caverns. The deepest section of the public tour takes visitors 180-feet below the surface. Other parts reach below 230 feet.

Besides these San Antonio attractions, you’ll also want to visit the San Antonio Museum of Art and the Botanical Garden. You’ll love each of these attractions.