Margaret Mary Healy-Murphy is an Irish immigrant and educator, came to Texas with her husband John B. Murphy in 1849 and settled in Corpus Christi where she operated “Mrs. Murphy’s Hospital for the Poor.” After the death of her husband, she relocated to San Antonio and opened the St. Peter Claver School and Church for African Americans in 1888 at Live Oak and Nolan Streets on the city’s east side.

The school became the first private institution dedicated to educating African-American children in Texas and was named for the Jesuit saint who had worked with slaves. Prejudice and tension contributed to staffing shortages at the school, so Mary Healy-Murphy began a religious order, the Sisters of the Holy Ghost to continue the school’s mission.

St. Peter Claver School developed a reputation for academic excellence and continued to grow into the 20th century. In 1970 it was reorganized as the Healy-Murphy Center and its mission broadened to serve pregnant teenagers, dropouts and other youth in crisis. Today the organization continues to operate at the same location and the area is a local historic district.

Nearby Attractions

The Grotto

Riverfront artificial cave designed by Carlos Cortés, with water features & stalactites.

Address: Riverwalk N, San Antonio, Texas

The Amazing Mirror Maze

The Amazing Mirror Maze is an interactive visual adventure designed by the world’s most creative design team, to stimulate and challenge your mind. But the Maze is just part of the fun! Experience the excitement as you navigate your way through seven different attractions in this unique fun-filled journey through the incredible! With three levels of adventure, The Amazing Maze is one of the largest mirror maze attractions in the world, with endless hallways, infinite reflections, and a new twist and turn waiting around every corner.  A1 Bed Bug Exterminator San Antonio

Address: 217 Alamo Plaza, San Antonio, TX

LEGOLAND Discovery Center

Take a sneak peek at their spectacular interactive miniature Lego replica of the city’s most loved landmarks built from over 1.5 million Lego bricks. See the historic Alamo, walk alongside the world-famous San Antonio River Walk, or stand in awe of their giant Tower of the Americas.

Address: 849 E Commerce St # 910, San Antonio, TX

La Villita Historic Arts Village

An artsy square block in the heart of downtown San Antonio. The Artisan village is listed on the U.S. government’s National Register of Historic Places, featuring architectural styles that range from adobe structures, to early Victorian and Texas vernacular limestone buildings. Today, La Villita is a treasured Artisan and Entrepreneur district with over 25 shops and galleries that showcase local handmade goods and home to over 200 events a year.

Address: 418 Villita St, San Antonio, TX


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